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Our programs

Our long term science education programs for children are:

  • Distractie cu reactie – practical workshops on physics and chemistry topics
  • Wow Biology & First Aid – Workshops on biology, human body and first aid topics
  • Wow Astronomy – Practical astronomy workshops, where we learn about the Universe with the help of virtual space travel programs and fun activities to help us understand the abstract astronomical aspects
  • Fun Maths & Logic – practical Maths and Logic workshops

Read more about them below or contact us right now!

Distractie cu reactie


  • Develop children’s knowledge about the natural phenomena, the chemical and physical reactions around us
  • Familiarize the children with specific scientific terms and notions that they will later deepen in formal education

Samples of experiments:

  • Frankenstein’s Hand – Learn about acids and bases
  • Walking Water – Learn about capillarity and water adhesion
  • Non Newtonian Liquid – Learn about viscosity and its changes according to the applied force and temperature
  • Magic milk – Observe a chemical reaction between polar and non-polar molecules
  • The power of bleach – Learn about the oxidation of the paint molecules
  • The water pump – Learn about the centrifugal force by sprinkling water
  • Marshmallow skewers – Learn about DNA and its patterns
  • Hoop glider – Learn about Bernoulli’s principle
  • Colorful tower – Learn about density
  • Popsicles Catapult – Learn about forms of energy

Wow Biology & First Aid


  • Understand how living organisms, plants and animals work, study their physiology and behavior.
  • Learn the first aid basic concepts and raise awareness on the emergency situations (fainting, choking, bleeding, fractures)
  • Encourage the proper reactions in case of common accidents at home, at school or on the playground.

Samples of activities:

  • How do cells feed?
  • Why do the leaves change color in autumn?
  • What does DNA mean and how does it look like?
  • How do lungs/ eyes/ kidneys work?
  • How to properly perform CPR?
  • How do we handle wounds and burns?
  • How to react in case of choking or fainting?

Wow Astronomy


  • Develop children’s knowledge about stars, planets, galaxies & comets, rockets & satellites, and about the life of astronauts living in space

Examples of activities:

  • How to build our own solar system with all the scaled elements
  • How to recreate our Moon’s craters with flour
  • Why is the sky blue? We test and prove during the class.
  • How to create our own constellation with a panel and spheres
  • We make a planisphere to see how the sky looked like on the day you were born

Fun Maths & Logic


  • Develop the numerical abilities and the understanding of geometry, units of measurement, sets, logic principles, statistics and probabilities.

Samples of activities:

  • Treasure hunt for geniuses
  • Guess the color of the ball
  • Tic Tac Toe Dice
  • Logic problems
  • 2D and 3D geometry shapes
  • Infinite chocolate
  • Einstein’s puzzle

These types of programs take place in partner schools’ locations or educational institutions throughout the school year. Upon request, we can organize workshops of 4, 8, 10 sessions or one-off thematic workshops, customized for different occasions (Christmas, Easter, Martisor, Earth Day, school day, etc.).

Ask for an offer.