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Our Team


Enthusiast founder of Wow Lab

Mirela P

Medical student, supporter of curious children and a healthy lifestyle

Diana C

Biochemist hopelessly in love with astronomy

Elena B

Research chemist who discovered the formula of the mountain of patience

Sanziana G

Ophthalmologist and talented trainer of small researchers

Andreea C

Physicist, artist and psychologist. In short, magician.

Diego S

Chemist fascinated by innovation in the cosmetics industry and the world of childhood

Andrada E

Fairy godmother and chemical researcher, craftsman of experiments for children and unforgettable experiences

Darius M

Chemist with the soul of an artist and vocation of a teacher

Catalina T

Passionate chemist, expert in the pharmaceutical laboratory

Diana F

Public Health Doctor, eternally curious and wanting to pass this curiosity on to those who are the future

Sonia G

A playful combination of chemical engineering, pedagogical passion and creativity.

Andreea T

Resident doctor, a model of consistency, patience and attention to detail