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Our school is very interested in teaching science in a less formal way. We want students to be involved in practical activities, to discover science themselves, to practice their patience and even failures. And I think Wow Lab does this perfectly. It overlaps with the principles of King's Oak.
It fits well with our curriculum, teachers are involved in all the activities with along with the children. The little ones discover themselves and the experiments are wonderful. Children are happy to experience and these are exactly our expectations. It does not necessarily happen in all other extracurricular activities. We believe Wow Lab is one of the successful recipes.

Scoala King's Oak

We are proud of our partnership with Wow Lab, an organization that we have been working with since 2015. So far we have received a great feedback both from parents and from children, also regarding the trainers they had at class.

Alexandra Daringa, Projects Coordinator Nov 2018British Council

We consider it extremely interesting to work with Wow Lab because their approach is exciting and they meet our expectations regarding how students should discover science. Testing, experimenting, observing, this is how we also work at the French School.

Frederic Baujon, Director, Nov 2018Lycée Français Anna de Noailles

Wow Lab offers children the opportunity to go beyond the curriculum and to explore. Children enjoy a true WOW factor from a scientific point of view. During school hours this is not always possible, with many students in the class. But at Wow Lab the groups are smaller, and children have the opportunity to truly experience. This is one of the benefits of Wow Lab. It simply brings value to the activities we do daily for scientific education.

Alan Cornish, Director, Nov 2018IBSB

Over time, we have discovered in our partners at Wow Lab certain common values that we also share in Smart Education. I'm talking about conscientiousness, involvement, dedication, education though 100% practical activities and the trainers' engagement that helps children express themselves freely and access their creative resources.

Corina Tanasiciuc, Director, Nov 2018Smart Education