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“Scoala Altfel” Program

If you are a teacher and you want to bring to your class a new and exciting activity, if you are also passionate about science and experiments, if you also focus on teaching through practice, choose Wow Lab workshops. We come to your school with various attractive activities and we bring all the necessary materials. You can choose your area of ​​interest: physics, chemistry, biology and first aid or astronomy.

  • Wow Lab is a non formal education company, providing science programs through experiments for children within top private international schools and educational partners in Bucharest.
  • Wow Lab has a student-centered approach and the workshops consist in 100% practical science experiments and activities.
  • Since 2013 we have been working with several international schools, such as American International School of Bucharest, IBSB, Verita School, Lauder School, Cambridge School, King’s Oak, Lycée Français Anna de Noailles, EFI Odyssey, Liceul Romano- Finlandez, Questfield, Big Smile and also British Council.
  • Language of the workshops: English, Romanian, French or Spanish.
Sample experiments:
Frankenstein’s Hand – learn about acids and bases
Marshmallows Catapult  – learn about energy types
Hoop Glider – learn about Bernoulli’s Principle
Water pump – learn about the centrifugal force
Magic Milk – learn about molecular links
Non-Newtonian liquid – learn about the states of matter and their transformation

To get an offer, please contact us through the form. The costs may vary considering the number of children, the number of hours and the workshops you choose.
For several classes within the same school, we offer volume discounts.
Let’s be partners in education!