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Because the Wow Lab experiments are so spectacular and amusing, and because experiential learning goes along so well with playing, many parents have asked us for science workshops during kids parties.

This is how the Wow Lab Party was born. Considering the age of the children, we come up with proper suggestions of activities, to get the most successful party.

The experiments we suggest may look like the following:

  • Frankenstein’s Hand – Learn about acids and bases
  • Walking Water – Learn about capillarity and water adhesion
  • Non Newtonian Liquid – Learn about viscosity and its changes according to the applied force and temperature
  • Magic milk – Observe a chemical reaction between polar and non-polar molecules
  • The power of bleach – Learn about the oxidation of the paint molecules
  • The water pump – Learn about the centrifugal force by sprinkling water
  • Mershmallow skewers – Learn about DNA and its patterns
  • Hoop glider – Learn about Bernoulli’s principle
  • Colorful tower – Learn about density
  • Popsicles Catapult – Learn about forms of energy
  • Infinite chocolate – Learn about surfaces and volume

Each child is directly involved in the development of his or her own experiment, individually or in small teams. A group is formed by minimum 8 children, maximum 12.

The language in which the workshop can be held is Romanian, English, French or German.

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