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Collecting and using your data on this site


We will explain below in detail, for information purposes, what type of data we collect from you as a user of this site, for what purpose and what your rights are for using it.

Personal data is represented by any information about a physical person that may lead directly or indirectly to the person’s identification, such as name, location information, the device used to access the Internet, IP address, or cookies information.

We built this site taking into account that, depending on the pages you access, you give your conscious and informed consent to the collection and use of your data in full knowledge of the cause.

Ask for the deletion of your data


Our purpose is to provide information about the Wow Lab programs for children, in line with the GDPR Privacy Policy. The security of your data is important to us, and we use this data to provide you with a personalized experience in yuor interest, both on our site and on the online platforms we promote (Facebook and Google) .

How we use your data

We use your data only if we have your acceptance, as follows:

  • Email Address – We use it to send you emails of information about our products and services, or about the articles and resources we publish on this site;
  • Your or your child’s first and last name – We use it to personalize the emails you receive from us. The platform we use for email marketing (Mailchimp) allows us to personalize them based on the data provided by the subscribers;
  • Phone number – We use it to quickly get in touch with you, to inform you about the topics you’ve shown interest in.
  • The name of the company you are working for -we will use it to properly address you and to send offers that might be of interest to you.
  • Browser / IP / Device data – we use them to determine how you use our site, so we can make updates to help you find the information you are looking for;


You may choose not to provide us with your data, but it is good to know that without them it is not possible for certain parts of the site to function properly, nor to let you know about the services that you might be interested in.


We have not sold and never will sell your data to third parties. The only entities that have access to the data of the users of this site are the agencies or vendors with whom we collaborate on contracts that contain confidentiality clauses without which we can not operate and public institutions under the Romanian laws.

The only data about the users of this site to which third parties have access, are aggregated and anonymous – meaning that the users can not be identified.


Only if we have your consent we will send you email marketing messages to inform you about our courses and programs, about new articles published on this site or other useful information.

Unsubscribe from the newsletter

You can unsubscribe from the newsletter at any time using one of the following methods:

  • Click the unsubscribe link from any newsletter already received from us.
  • Send an email to us requesting to unsubscribe.

In these situations, we will make sure that you will no longer receive our email marketing messages. Any request will be resolved within 48 hours of receipt.

Addressing users through online advertising

Sometimes we may run online advertising campaigns to inform you about our programs and / or the articles published on this site.

In this context, we use two advertising networks – Facebook and Google, as well as other user addressing techniques in campaigns – based on demographic data (gender, age, geographical distribution, proximity) or interests – this information being made available to us by the networks mentioned above.

Often, our ads, which you see on other sites, are displayed based on the information we have about your online behavior (for example, when you visit a particular page on our site, you may be then addressed to Facebook or the Google Partner Network with the advertisement for similar services).


Here are your rights in the context of collecting and processing your data.

  • The right to be informed about how your data is collected and used;
  • The right to access the data we have about you;
  • The right to request the rectification of the data we have about you;
  • The right to ask for the deletion of the data we have about you;
  • The right to ask us to stop sending marketing messages to you;
  • The right to request the sending of your personal data to you or to another operator;
  • The right to file a complaint, with reference to the use of your data, to the competent authorities.

The above rights are not absolute and there are exceptions. For any questions in this context, please send us an email using our contact form.


What are cookies?

The cookie is a small file made up of letters and numbers that will be stored on your computer, mobile terminal or other equipment used to access the Internet. The cookie is installed through a web browser request from a browser (eg Internet Explorer, Chrome) and is completely “passive” (does not contain software, viruses or spyware and can not access the information on the user’s hard drive) .

Using cookies

We use cookies on this site. For more information about cookies, please visit the cookie policy page where you will find them grouped by category.

Also, by clicking the button below, you can review your acceptance for using cookies.

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For information on our programs or the way we collect and use your personal information, please send us a message. You can find our contact information on the contact page.

The new data protection regulations were published on the GDPR official website on April 16, 2016. You may take the necessary steps when you have a reason to believe that the regulations are violated by a site.